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Elk Products, Inc. M1 Premium Products For Security & Automation
M1 Keypad & Case
  • User Friendly Operation
  • 208 Zones of Input Capability
  • Wireless Capability
  • Menu Driven Alpha Keypad
  • 99 User Codes
  • Arm Levels - Away, Stay, Instant, Nite, Nite Instant & Vacation
  • Astronomical Clock For Sunet/Sunrise Activation Of Outputs
    EZ8 Keypad/Case
  • Temperature Sensors & Up to 16 Thermostats
  • True Automation - 230 Relay Ouputs
  • Built-in Telephone Remote Makes Any Phone A Keypad
  • Turn On Tasks, Lighting & Outputs Via Keypad And PC Browser
  • Access Control ( Up To 16 Doors)
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