What is an automation system? It is a control system that will do things for you automatically. I'm going to give you some examples of what automation can do.
You leave your home and turn on the alarm system. Your heating system is on and keeping the home at 72 degrees. That's wasted energy. Why are you keeping a empty house warm? The automation system knows that you not home. It can turn down the heating to a much lower setting to save power. When you get home and turn off the alarm, it can reset the heating to your normal set point.
At the same time you leave your house, the pool or spa pump can be turned on to the cleaning mode at preset times. Your electric water heater can be turn off or to a lower setting to save power. At sundown the house can look like it is occupied by turning on random lighting. During the Christmas season, it can turn on and off your Christmas lights.
Now do you get the idea. Anything that can be turned on or off can be automated. It can do this by a time schedule without you having to remember to do it manually. The system can be operated by calling it from any phone or internet connection. You leave work early and head to your vacation home in Palm Springs and you want to be sure that it's a nice 72 degrees when you arrive, but the outside temperature is 105 degrees. It take two hours to cool it down. Call your automation system and turn on the air conditioning to start the cooling hours before you get there. There are countless ways to automate your home, vacation home or your business with a automation system. Call us to design a system for your life.

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